22nd to 25th Feb 2018

22nd to 25th Feb 2018

THE FRONTIER EPIC – an unforgettable adventure on an epic scale! Listen here to what past competitors have to say.....   

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THE GREATEST MIDDLE EAST ADVENTURE - THROUGH THE ANCIENT WADIS AND OVER THE RUGGED MOUNTAINS OF OMAN – 4 days of pure mountain bike action on the wildest trails, surrounded by spectacular Hajar scenery. The professionals, the elites and the ambitious amateurs will complete a prologue and 3 further stages taking them across almost 300km and 6,000 metres of epic terrain. The 2018 routes will take riders across varied ancient landscapes, past mountain villages and traditional plantations, through natural wadis, and along ridges atop brutal mountain climbs. Sidelined in places by the glorious Gulf Sea, riders are sure to experience a natural high as they take on the seemingly endless flowing trails – particularly during this year’s third stage, which, with more downhill than uphill kilometres, is all about the adrenaline. 


This is a Full-Service MTB Stage Race

From the day the race starts, riders need only look after their bodies and continue racing. Everything else is taken care of. From early buffet breakfast served each morning, to recovery lunch and nutritious evening dinners. Race nutrition, water and isotonic carbohydrate drinks are freely available at feed stations throughout the route. Trained medical staff are on course. Mechanics are on hand to service and repair your equipment. 


The 2018 course will have a bit of everything!

Day 1: 'The Prologue' a more technical 40km distance & 720m climbing

Day 2: 'The Marathon' 90km distance & 1,200m climbing

Day 3: 'The Apex' 60km distance & 2,100m climbing across the Selma Plateau

Day 4: 'The Home Straight' 90km distance & 1,500m climbing, finishing on Yiti Beach


Very Easy to Reach!


Google Maps coordinates

23.370984, 58.674346

What makes this event great?

This is what the experts say....

Experts that have raced hundreds of events from Mongolia to New Zealand, South Africa to Scotland, Poland to the USA and Australia advise that the quality of the following 5 are what you need to consider when parting with your hard-earned cash:

  1. The Routes
  2. The Terrain
  3. The Village
  4. The Feedzones
  5. The Logistics

Our Routes

The best marathons take you places. Our routes either consist of one big loop, or a point-to-point, rather than laps in some bike park where you never get to see anything. The quality of an adventure is always tied in some way to the route – mountain passes, changing geology, epic uphills and downhills, new challenges around every corner – these are the ingredients of a truly emotional experience on the bike. This is what we give you in abundance!

Our Terrain

The best marathons, the ones riders most enjoy, offer a bit of everything mountain bikes are designed to tackle, and challenge different types of fitness and tactical knowledge (even roadie tactics!) over the length of the event. We have fire trail, farm roads, singletrack, flowing trails, rocky sections, and yes, even some tar thrown in. These are the most interesting, and motivating courses to race on.

Our Race Village

Nothing makes an event special like the atmosphere during, before and after a race like this. Think great food, great company, lots of banter and tall tales of the day's events, sunshine and locals coming out to support your efforts. Think long-lasting friendships.  

Our Feedzones

Feedzones are a powerful indicator of the quality of the race experience you’re likely to have. You’ve paid your entry money, so it’s important that you can roll up to a table with gels, bars, fruit and fluids every 30km or so to replenish your stocks and fill your water bottle. Forget about hiding bottles under bushes the night before or carrying a five litre hydration pack. Here you’ll get handed what you need as you cruise on by. 

Our Logistics

The Frontier Epic isn’t impossible to get to! And it’s not the race that will leave you out of pocket (up to 40% cheaper than equivalent races in US, Europe and SA for example). There are various flight, hire car, and accommodation options (if you don't want to stay in a tent). The event is within driving distance of Dubai (lots of flight options)… At the race itself, logistics are taken care of. You and your luggage are transported wherever you need to be!  

Do you have what it takes?


Jurgen De Witte - Male Solo


Elise Von Alexy - Female Solo



Christian Rosvig Høgh



James Reid

(South Africa)


Timo Cooper

(South Africa)