Rest & Recreation

Riders have the option of bringing their own tent and sleeping gear, or can hire one of the ventilated 2-man tents in the Athlete Village. This will come with a ground mat, lamp and sleeping bag.

There are showers, toilets, chill-out zones and a main dining-room tent in the Village.


Served meals include:
Breakfast: cereal, muesli, milk, yogurt, rolls, bread, jam, cheese, "lean" meats, coffee, tea

Lunch: fruit, sandwiches, selection of cold meats and warm soups, refreshing drinks as well as teas & coffees.

Dinner: pasta, potatoes, meat and vegetable sauces or vegetables, meat and vegetable soups or vegetables, salads, meat, poultry or fish, dessert, juice.

Water and snacks are available 24/7 in the Village.

Athlete Support

Mechanic Station: Our fully-equipped mobile workshop enables us to set up on site and deliver quality tech support, parts and nutrition/energy supplies to keep riders moving.

Massage: there is a dedicated massage tent with bench and all the necessary equipment. 

Emergency Services: there are 2 first-aiders and one full-time medic on site and following the race each day. An Ambulance service is also close at hand.

Retail: there will be a small retail area for clothing, accessories, supplements, spare parts and even an opportunity to buy a new bike!