2016 Stage 1

2016 Stage 2

2016 Stage 3

 The Killer Day for many, 15km of ascent no flat then another hill and another 'til you get past Quran and Majilis down the steep winding road to Fins.

2016 Final Stage

So what did the professionals say...."Back home in the cold now. The Trans Hajar MTB Race in Oman was a fantastic experience. Our 2 team riders did a convincing job finishing 1st and 2nd and the PR7XC 27.5 carbon bikes were severely tested in harsh terrain with sand, stones, rocks, climbs and descents of 30+%
We hope the race will survive and continue for a 2017 edition with more riders so we can come back and defend our title".
Watch the final day here.... 

2016 Full Race Result

Denmark’s Christian Rosvig Hogh emerged the champion of the sixth Trans Hajar Mountain Bike Challenge 2016 Race after winning the fourth and final stage on Thursday. Compatriot Jacob Lykke Grann, who finished behind Hogh in the fourth stage, was second overall. Oman’s Mashari bin Najeeb al Khalili claimed the third spot overall. The race is organised by the Ministry of Sports Affairs, represented by the Oman Cycling Association (OCA). Various teams from the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, the United States of America and South Africa, along with the Sultanate’s team represented by RAO participated in the race.

 Rank, name (country), timing, time difference
1. Christian Rosvig Hogh (DEN), 16:37:05, à
2. Jacob Lykke Grann (DEN), 16:38:26, + 01’ 21’’
3. Mashari bin Najeeb al Khalili (OMA), 19:44:21, +3h 07’ 15’’
4. John Hancock (GBR), 20:14:02, +3h 36’ 56’’
5. Sven Hennauer (SUI), 20:52:03, +4h 14’ 57’’
6. Mohammed al Shandoudi (OMA), 20:52:51, +4h 15’ 46’’
7. Hisham al Yarib (OMA), 20:53:17, +4h 16’ 11’’
8. Hatim al Booshri (OMA), 21:06:10, +4h 29’ 04’’
9. Mussab al Rashdi ( OMA), 21:55:52, +5h 18’ 47’’